Robert (readwrite) wrote,

To a small creature

Dear little mouse,*

Yes, I'm kind of annoyed that you gnawed at some of my food, so I had to throw it away.

And yes, it's irritating that you chewed holes in the towel I left bunched up on the kitchen floor to catch the drips in case it started to rain heavily while I was out and the hole in the roof started to leak again.

But it was considerate of you to crawl into the trashcan to die. Of course, that probably wasn't your plan. You probably jumped in without realizing that you couldn't climb out again. Those sheer plastic walls don't have any toeholds. I guess you died of thirst after you were trapped there. Nevertheless, I appreciate you not dying between the walls or something.

Rest in peace, little guy.

*And yes, it's definitely a mouse, not a rat.
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