Robert (readwrite) wrote,

Secret Master

I have the power to keep you in pain, or to take away that pain in a few moments. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you. You, pouty-faced alternadude. You, pretty tattooed lady out for a night of bar-hopping. You, hip-hip thug wannabe. You, hapless middle-aged tourist. I can sit here and watch you suffer, or I can relieve your pain. It's all up to me. Usually, I'm merciful. But if you put too much contempt into that glance at me as I sit here calmly, seemingly oblivious to your plight...Well, who knows how long I might make you suffer, just for the fun of it?

If you notice me at all--and it wouldn't be so surprising if you didn't, as distracted as you are--you would surely never guess my power. You would never imagine that that guy over in the corner with his nose in stacks of paper, or maybe absorbed in his laptop, has such power over you.

But you see, I know something very important that you don't. The management of this place really ought to put up a sign, but they haven't. I know that that bathroom door that you think is locked actually isn't. It just takes a little extra pull. (If there's actually someone in there, you'll feel the catch when you pull on the door.) That's right--you're waiting impatiently for that door to open, as you grow increasingly uncomfortable, but it's never going to open unless you open it. And you can do that any time you want.

I know that and you don't.

Oh, don't worry. As I said, I'll probably tell you right away. I don't really like seeing people suffter.

Not usually.

But remember: You never know who holds the key to your pain and pleasure. I might be sitting right next to you.
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